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Open daily from 10:00 until 16:30

Cash desk program: daily from 10:00 until 14:30

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"This park is a MUST DO if you are in Brașov. Everything begins with an explanation of the park and the courses and how to use the gear you are given. If you arrive late you have to wait because the number of gears they have is limited. There is a weight restriction if i remember correctly so you might want to check that out to be sure. The best part is that you can feel like Tarzan in the jungle. The obstacle courses will give you a good workout and something to think about because most can be resolved by your body pretty easy if your brain can see the trick behind them. The courses are separated by colors. From yellow, blue, green (can't really remember the right order) to red and black being the hardest. It is a fun experience but it is a pretty tiring one so be ready to laugh and sweat and even call help when it is to hard or you get stuck. The attendees are wonderful and they will explain to you some of the tricks behind the courses."

Diana Tilea

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