When is Parc Aventura opened ?
During the summer season, Parc Aventura Brasov is opened every day, including the week-ends, holidays, bank holidays and religious holidays, from 10:00 to 20:00.
On the winter time, from December the 2nd 2016 until February the 28th 2017, Parc Aventura Brasov is opened only Friday - Saturday - Sunday from 10:00 until the sunset. For the school holidays of February 2017, we are open daily 10:00 - 17:00 from the 4th to the 12th of February.
Is Parc Aventura opened during the rainy days ?
How much time can we spend in Parc Aventura ?
Is this activity accessible to everyone ?
Can i let my child alone in the park ?
Do i get a personal trainer practicing the routes with me ?
What happens if you get stuck in the middle of the track ?
Can I use my own equipment ?
Should i book my visit in Parc Aventura Brasov ?
I have to do the training every time I come to the park ?
Can I pay with credit card ?
Is it possible to organize birthday parties ?
Can I come with a dog ?
Is there a restaurant in the park ?
Is it a dangerous activity ?
My child is 8 years old and not very brave, can he/she use the routes for small kids ?
My child is 5 and very sporty. Can she/he access the routes for 8 years old ?

We are waiting for you at Brasov Park Aventura in order to exceed your limits!

If you want more adrenaline, now is the time! Staff at Parc Aventura Brasov is at your disposal.

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